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Website Traffic

Trading Website traffic with Linkstraffic is a good way for advertisers to get additional visitors and for publishers to make money.
You are also adviced to try the above offer to bring the most chances for your site to get known.

Web site traffic

Since the emergence of Search Engines, you may increase your website's traffic by exchanging reciprocal links but for a real boost you will need to escape from the traditional way of links exchanges.

We are happy to introduce you with a new feature on Linkstraffic:
  • Publishers: Add a page to sell ad spots via linkstraffic. Provide a clear explanation on the different ways you can promote your partners on your pages.
  • Advertisers: browse the traffic list section to find publishers willing to dispose a link to your website on their most visited pages.

You may have tried the Google Adsense product or the Overture's advertising solution. There are many other products on the Web and Linkstraffic wanted to go further by initiating almost direct requests from the advertiser to the publisher rather than passing by the usual automatic solutions. You will have more control over your marketing campaign.

- Advertisers will be aware of the type of promotion they will have for their website and won't get any surprises you may have when you practice pay per click advertising or other bidding services.
- Publishers will control the price of a link placement on their website and there is no constraint to register a new page on Linkstraffic. You can sell space in a minute with Linkstraffic as long as you respect the website traffic TERMS of USE.

The Traffic list section shows all website's pages on which advertisers may request a promotion of their web solution. Each web page is classified according to different criteria such as Google PR (just an indicator of the relevance), Alexa Rank (just a glance of the real traffic), number of visits and cost. The details of the promotion are also available and must be as clear as possible for the advertisers.

For instance you can have:

  • Website link page: index.html (main page - PR 7 - Alexa: 10000 - Nb visits/day: 4000)
  • Price/month (top link position): 50 $
  • Link page description: Website promotion and Search Engine Optimization tips...
  • Nb links disposed: 5
  • Nb total: 10

All web site traffic trades on Linkstraffic are SAFE and to avoid any abuse, buyers (advertisers) escrow money via Paypal onto their Linkstraffic account before each trade. Once the trade is over (1 month), the money will be given to the publisher (seller) unless there are reported abuse.
For further information concerning 'broken links' or any type of abuses, please review the traffic Terms of Use.


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